March 08, 2004

That Nice Gadgety Feeling

The number of gadgets in my life is increasing, which I find to be immensely pleasurable. I got a new 15 gB iPod, after borrowing an original 5 gB model from my very patient neighbor. It is such a slick little thing and makes my days at work just zoom by. I find I listen on shuffle mode exclusively and get really cool combinations of stuff. Today I got:

Dusty Springfield, Son of a Preacher Man
Abe Schwartz Orchestra, Russischer Sher
Steve Earle, Christmastime in Washington

That was a cool set.

I also got a new phone that takes pictures and if I can get the danged phone tools software working I would start getting them off there.

Posted by krudman at March 8, 2004 11:36 PM
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