March 15, 2005

Whence does "Emmanate", uh, emanate?

Michael, all fired up from a few (I'm assuming, or projecting) alcohol-hazed days at SXSW, wants to know where my domain name comes from. Or maybe he means my blog name?

And he suggests a rel tag in there to make it easier to find everyone else's posts. So, clicking on should find more folks who are equally lemming-like in their blind obeissance to Herr Doktor von Cruft.

Emmanate is quite simply my kids' names, and makes a nice pun, too. I also appreciate the somewhat passive sense of emanation vs. broadcasting.

Ink-Stained Wretch is a rather old sobriquet applied to writers who used a substance called ink to compose their works. Since I am neither using ink, nor particularly wretched, this name would fall into the category of irony. But just barely.

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