April 08, 2005

Song of the Day - 4/8 - Hold 'em, Baby

So I was watching Has-Been Celebrity Deathmatch Extreme Makeover Poker the other night, 'cause my TiVo box told me to. My TiVo box runs my life and if it tells me to do something, Berkowitz-dog style, well then I listen to it. It has never steered me wrong, with the exception of the time it thought I would enjoy fourteen episodes of Carnivale at one time. I did not.

But in the middle of the lightning round of HBCDEMP, just as Dick York--or was it Dick Sargeant?--never mind, it was Norman Fell. Anyway, he was moving all-in with his cowboys against Tom Poston's nut flush draw, and scaring Charlotte Rae right out of the pot, and I flashed on my favorite poker song, Townes van Zandt's "Mr. Gold and Mr. Mud"

Mr. Gold and Mr. Mud

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