May 09, 2005

Why Old School Shouldn't Try to Do New School

The Huffington Post is on-line, wherein Arriana Huffington lets famous people blog about things they care about. Now, I really like Arriana Huffington, and I'm gonna read the whole site, but how come the first thing I read, Hillary Rosen attempting to show how "plugged in" she is just shows that she doesn't know how to RTFM?

This isn't blogging, it's the equivalent of an NPR commentary. Yawn.

There is no comment link on her post, so here's my Help Desk response to her:

Dear Hillary,

Glad to hear you like your new iPod, especially the leather case. Excellent use of the word "rip" in your review. Unfortunately, you missed the whole point of what ripping means. It means to convert the file format on your CD to a standard (and much smaller) file format such as MP3 or AAC to be stored on the iPod. Any file that is already in MP3 format (like from any other music download site) can easily be added to your iPod, just drag the file into iTunes and sync your device.

In the future I suggest you ask your kids to do this for you. Or that nice nerdy kid from IT.


Tech Support

UPDATE: Just read further into the archives and Richard Bradley (another blogger on the site) calls her out for her article, too.

Now, if only that had comments and trackback I could let him know I saw his piece.

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