May 16, 2005

The LitBlog Co-op Has Spoken -- Now We Must Obey

So, the LitBlog Co-op, whose mission I support and applaud (getting people to read books they don't hear about in the mainstream press--books like the kind I write, which so far aren't even in the non-mainstream--or any--publishing world), is uniting behind a single title, to see how much suck they have in the blogosphere.

The book is "Case Histories" by Kate Atkinson.

Personally, I plan to buy and read the book. While I would normally put up an Amazon associates link here and try and make a little money, instead I suggest you buy through Powell's (30% off) and support the LitBloggers (and the best bookstore in the whole world, which is unfairly located in Portland and not L.A.) And when I finish the book I will post a review and everything.

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