April 03, 2006

Career Opportunities

Nate and I were perusing the lastest Lego catalog the other day over breakfast. The newest sets feature Batman and his Rogues Gallery. Some of the villians come with a second figure called "Henchman".

Nate and I had the following conversation:

Nate: Papa, what's a henchman?
Ken: He helps the bad guys.
Nate: What does he do?
Ken: Mostly, he carries the bags of loot and stuff. And when Batman shows up, the bad guy says, "Get him, you fools" and the henchmen have to try and beat up Batman.
Nate: Do the henchmen ever beat up Batman?
Ken: Nah, they just slow him down long enough for the bad guy to get away.
Nate: And then they get caught?
Ken: Yeah, they usually get caught.
Nate: Papa, I don't think I want to be a henchman.
Ken: Yeah, being a henchman sucks.

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