April 16, 2007

Reflections On Being the New Guy

Uh oh, another work post. That makes about 4 in the past couple of years. I almost need a category for it.

I'm starting a new job today. Something almost like moving to a new school as a kid. I'm working on the right clothes, the right attitude, the right policies. I want to succeed, I want to be liked, I want to be accepted.

It's been hard to realize that so much of my personal happiness is wrapped up in my job. This wasn't my intent when I got into the technology biz. I was just supposed to be marking time until my book got published. Now, working on my third book, and realizing that I'm still searching for a real voice, it's clear that work is my exit strategy. Another ten years, some careful saving, a little luck, and maybe I can afford to be a full-time writer by the time my kids hit college.

So, here I am, starting again.

For those (many, according to search stats from mybloglog), who've come looking for "Yahoo Product Manager"--that ain't me any more. Try this guy, or this one. Both good guys, BTW.

The outpouring of genuine good wishes and friendship from many quarters at Y! has been extremely gratifying, so I feel like I'm off to the next thing without the usual burning bridges in my wake.

So, goodbye Paid Search and Project Panama, it's been a trip.

Next stop, Technicolor. Online Media can't be so hard, right?

Huh, leave it to the New Guy to be so frickin' naive...

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