April 17, 2007

Bourdain Fries Food Network

Now, here at Chez Krudman we love us some Food Network--especially Iron Chef and Alton Brown, but there is much to smack. And Rachel Ray gives me the willies.

We caught the first few minutes of some kind of Food Network Awards show the other night and changed the channel right quick, just after spotting the California Raisins--I kid you not.

Amazingly, Anthony Bourdain, he of the vicious right-hook sneer and left-uppercut of sarcasm, watched and blogged the whole thing.

With a deft back-hand he manages to destroy the star of a show we've watched a couple of times for the sheer guilty pleasure, Dinner: Impossible:

The overmuscled fuckwit from DINNER SLIGHTLY DIFFICULT delivered the best line: something like "This is the greatest night "ever!" If that was his greatest night ever, I suspect he would say the same thing while being publicly butt-slammed by the San Diego Chicken.

(If you've ever seen his show, by the way--it's hilarious. It's "Knight Rider Meets Leonard's Of Great Neck "" Can four professional cooks make onion dip for 40-- in time?!!!"
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