February 26, 2004

New look, same great taste.

Thanks to Michael, I have a new domain, a new host (at a very reasonable cost!) and the ability to play on the server. This is pretty much default Movable Type and since I'm not much of an html-jockey, it will probably stay this way. Now I just need some content and I can start inviting people to take a look. Seems strange to be posting this without knowing who's reading it. At least with film or fiction writing you know who the audience is.

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February 25, 2004


So the Writer's Conference I attended over Valentine's Day weekend announced the runners up in the topic contest they have each year. This year, 250 words on "pairs" or "pares" or "pears" (they said it but didn't spell it). And I was the runner up. I like mine better than the winner.

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February 24, 2004

Cheating Death

Drove up to my mother-in-law's to help her move down to L.A. Driving over the Grapevine on Sunday in the rain and find myself all of a sudden in the middle of a major pile-up. A car was flipped over, people are slamming into one another and I just manage to come to a stop without hitting anyone or getting hit. It looked like a scene out of Weekend.

One guy in a little Dodge Omni or something just came roaring up from behind, never had a chance to stop. He's weaving in and out of lanes and just piles into the back of a Bronco, then he has to climb out his window. A totally eerie scene.

Felt weird to just drive away, but I figured I wasn't doing anyone any good and I was a little wigged out. I pulled off the road and called home.

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February 20, 2004


Looks like I'm employed again. I'm going to work for Overture (Yahoo) as a product manager. It'll be a relief to get a regular income and benefits, but it's been a very productive 5 1/2 months of writing and taking care of the kids.

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February 18, 2004


Spending a weekend with about 400 wanna-be writers was pretty cool. I met a few agents and publishers who said they would read my novel. I met a writer who went to my high school and we reminisced about our creative writing teacher who kicked us both in the ass in the direction of the writing life. I've decided to get in touch with Mrs. Goldberg after 24 years since she's still teaching.

Most of the time is spent reading your work and having it critiqued, then listening to others do the same. My favorite leader was Glen Hirshberg. Bought his novel The Snowman's Children and am hoping it lives up to the hype.

Got some good notes for the short story I was reading and am doing a quick polish on the novel before sending it out to everyone who asked for it. Nice to make some progress on the fiction front.

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