July 09, 2004


The latest geekery in the krudman household? A vacuum cleaner. Yep, June's got some allergy issues related to the two new kittens, who insist they own the whole house. So we picked up this thing:


Factory reconditioned it still cost 350 simoleans, but it's the most amazing vacuum I've ever seen. Very cool to look at, with lots of hoses and gizmos and things, but when you just run it over a "clean" rug you will be amazed how much crap winds up in the little clear turbine dust cup. The kids are fighting over a chance to vacuum, which is pretty funny.

It's very quiet, too. And we haven't even gotten into all the carpet spot cleaning equipment. It also comes with something called Zorb, but I'm a little nervous about opening the container, since it reminds me of "The Stuff".

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July 03, 2004

The Horror

Got my beautiful new 12" Powerbook G4. Wow, what a great little machine. Much faster than the old cube, much nicer than the Dell laptop I get to use at work. And I hate to say it, but Powerpoint and Entourage for Mac Office 2004 are really nice apps. Entourage does some things that Outlook just can't touch, like the little thread tracking links inside the messages that let you go back and forth through those interminable email chains that seem to just keep proliferating until you can't remember what the original topic was all about.

Oh, so then I'm packing it up to go home the other day and drop the charger on the closed lid and put a nice dent in it. It must be the softest aluminum known to man. I've got a call in to the credit card company to see if that Purchase Insurance they give you is going to pay to get it fixed. Otherwise I might call Dent Wizard. They did a great job on my TT for $99 bucks...

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June and I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 tonight. A fine hate-filled screed, the kind they just don't make anymore. I'm generally against corporal punishment, but somebody had to take W. out to the woodshed and take him over his knee and god knows Barbara wasn't gonna do it.

Is it the truth? It sure feels true. Is it fair and balanced? Hell no, and thank god it's not.

See it. Feel the hate. And then start voting now and don't stop voting until there's somebody different lighting the goddamn Christmas tree.

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