May 28, 2006

A World Away

Reached London today. This is going to be a long two weeks. A beautiful afternoon spent walking around the city as I try to get my clock reset. I am astounded, as ever, at how fricking expensive this city is. Nearly $35 spent on some noodles and potstickers and a beer. It's going to be a challenge feeding myself on the company budget. Good thing I decided before I left that I was going to start a diet. There's a gym here. I'm going to work out every day. (He says, firmly.)

Unless I catch cold, which appears to be happening. I forgot to take that Airborne stuff before the flight.

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May 23, 2006

Somebody's Getting Medieval on My Ass

Up until this morning I thought I was getting a boil on the side of my neck. I figured that this was only just considering how hard I've been working, plus the hours logged helping Emma with her mission project, time spent helping June with her last garden project and the three-plus hours spent assembling a basketball hoop for Nate this weekend.

Naturally, life would rain down the old biblical plagues, right?

And just in time for my two-week Euro work trip starting this weekend. 'Cause everybody wants to spend hours locked in a room with a clown with something festering on his neck.

So, I headed down to Little Tokyo to see what kind of magic my doc can work on curses. Only it's not a boil at all. Apparently, a nick from my razor has gotten infected. A quick 'scrip for some antibiotics, just so I don't wind up in some foreign hospital, trying to learn the French word for pus, and I'll be right as rain.

Who knows, maybe the Universe is looking out for me, after all.

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May 15, 2006

Going mobile

In just two short weeks, work is going to take me to London, Paris, Munich and Hamburg. And while it will be nice to get back to those places, all of which I have enjoyed in the past, I'm not looking forward to being away from the family for two weeks.

I realized today that I haven't gone more than 4 days away since Emma was about three months old. At least I can get my cell phone working over there now (Cingular has agreed to unlock it), and it's the end of the school year so things should be a little easier on June.

Anyone have an suggestions for things I absolutely have to do on my free weekend?

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