December 27, 2006


Just sitting on my ass, getting my Alton Brown fix, and the commercial comes on for Totino's pizza-flavored something or other. I'm not paying any attention, but there's something about the spot that's getting under my skin. Is it the music? Yeah, some spirited doot-dooting going on there. What is it? I Tivo back a few seconds. Weird, it sounds just like Irving.

Holy shit. This is even weirder than Radio Birdman and Big Star popping up in a car ad. It's leagues weirder than Nick Drake in that VW commercial.

So, nice going boys. I'm sure that some will say you've sold out, but I say you've arrived. Hope you can sleep with the stench of pizza sauce filling your nostrils.

Check it out:
Death in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers

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December 02, 2006

Lost my voice

Something's been wrong with my webhost and I haven't been able to post. Looks like it's working again.

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