October 27, 2008

One Nation Under Dog

Three days into Project Olive and things are settling into that paranoia mode--don't want to leave her alone for fear of what she'll do to our stuff. She likes to chew, but is otherwise a very happy, social, trainable thing and we're really very happy. Not sure where we're going to keep a 60lb dog once she's full-grown, so some kind of time/space continuum hack will be necessary, but that's for another day. We've seen very little of the cats--they are keeping to Emma's room, mainly, and move about the periphery of Olive's world. I imaging there will come the big kerfluffle and then they will reach stasis, but for now we're leaving it on the cats' terms--they were here first.

It's been interesting to see everybody expand the notion of what our family unit is and welcome her into our fold. Grandma, who thought getting a dog was not a good idea given our level of busy-ness, seems to have taken to her, so that's a good thing.

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October 25, 2008

Meet Olive

Inexplicably, we now have a dog. Much joy and nipping in the Scudman household now.

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