April 01, 2009

Taking the Piss

My pal Peter Knight has been the impetus and driving force behind many the blog post on this site. And although we have never managed to actually play in a band together, we have spent much time agonizing over the name of that band, were it to actually exist.

Next week (April 9), Peter's new show debuts on Comedy Central. It's called "Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire". I've read the pilot script and it brings the funny. I haven't seen the finished product yet, but based on the clips on the Interweb, it looks like it will rain down a torrent of hilarity on all who are caught in its wake.

I'm a little worried that fantasy fans (not known for their sense of humor) might take offense at seeing every single cliche of the genre roasted, but fear not, Furry-toed Member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (I'm looking at you, Jonah), Peter Knight does not hate you. He wants to you laugh. He wants you to laugh so hard that you forget to talk in that fake English accent of yours. He wants you to kneel down before the altar of self-abasement and see that your life has been devoid of irony, and that irony is the secret to having actual sex. (Peter is a very good-looking guy, so I think he probably knows a thing or two about this subject. Although he is also discreet, and the kind of good looking guy that us trolls would drink a beer with--kind of like George Clooney without the head tilt.)

So, in conclusion, I encourage all of Nerd-kind to check out Krod Mandoon. It will make you laugh. It will change your life. It will get you laid.

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